How I Spend My Sundays

Happy Sunday lovely people.

I love Sunday it’s my second favourite day of the week after Monday (yes I’m strange). Why do I love Sundays and Mondays? Well, Sundays I like to prep for the week ahead and Mondays are always like a fresh start full of new possibilities.  I’m sounding weirder by the second, aren’t I?

So today I would like to share with you how I spend my Sundays getting prepped for the week ahead. I find doing these things helps get my week off to a good start. I do love to feel like I have it all together on a Monday morning. Now the children are still on their summer break from school so things are a little different currently, for example, I’m not having to check school bags are packed and that school uniform is laid out in the evening. Perhaps I’ll do a back to school version of this post in a few weeks when we are back into our normal routine of things.

1. Strip and wash all the beds

By Sunday evening I like to have all the bed sheet in the house washed and put back on. I do this over the weekend because there are more of us here at home and can easily team up to rotate washing between the washing machine and the washing line or the drier, depending on the weather.  There is something lovely about getting into bed on a Sunday night with fresh sheets.

2. Meal Plan

I like to do my food shopping on a Monday, I usually do this online because I find it more convenient. So on a Sunday, I go through the fridge, freezer and quick look through the cupboards to see what we have. Then I make a meal plan taking into account what days I am working and when we need quick meals as opposed to meals that take slightly longer to cook. An example is that I know for definite I work on a Thursday night so either I plan to make a quick meal or I pass the cooking duty over to Sean (he’s an awesome cook). So I plan out our meals on a Sunday and either order the shopping then or first thing Monday morning.

3. Check my calendar

This is a really important one for me. I love google calendars and do all of my schedule planning on there. Its simple to use, easy to change things and you can have multiple calendars for different things. I have calendars for my content, the children, home stuff, bills, business stuff and of course my appointments. On a Sunday I sit down with a cup of tea and roughly plan out the week making note of any upcoming appointments, birthdays or deadlines. I love that I can plan things out on my laptop and then just glance at my phone throughout the week to keep on top of things.

4. Update my to-do list

Again this is a similar process to my calendar and I usually do both at the same time. I have yearly, monthly and weekly goals and so I go through my goals and make a to-do list for the week that coincides with my goals. I also then all any business to-dos, blog to-dos and things that I need to get done at home. I usually spread these out on my calendar then so that I have a clear picture of what my week looks like.

5. Make a nice family meal

Family time is important to me and throughout the week we are not all home for dinner at the same time. Sunday is usually the only day that we can guarantee that we will all be at home for dinner. I like to take this opportunity to make a really nice family meal for us all and we really cherish that time around the table together. It’s a great time to have an informal family meeting too.

6. Tidy up the whole house

I try to keep the house as picked up as I can but with little people and busy schedules, it does get away from us. On a Sunday I make a point of getting the house back into shape after the weekend. Rooms are tidied, the bathroom is cleaned and at this point, I hope to be caught up on all the laundry. There is nothing more unmotivating than waking up on a Monday morning to last weeks mess.


So these are the things I get done on a Sunday for a more productive week. I know it sounds like a lot but these things actually take very little time to get done, especially if you get the whole family to pitch in with the laundry and the house clean. Even little ones can help to pull washing out of the washer and dryer. What do you do on a Sunday? Is it a day of rest to you or an opportunity to get organised for the week ahead?

Love and Light to you all

R x



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