Checking In and Upcoming Plans

checking in and upcoming plans -

I can’t believe it’s September already, I honestly don’t know where this year has gone. I thought I better hop on and check in with you guys as I’ve been a little quiet recently. Truth be told this pregnancy has been kicking my butt. I’ve had migraines near enough every single day which have mostly resigned me to rest in bed whenever the children allow me to, which over the summer holidays hasn’t been enough.

Now that they are back in school and we have a better routine going for us, I am trying to get into the routine of working again. I was going over my planner today (I use google calendar to plan out my time) which I usually do on a Sunday. As I was doing this I thought to myself, “wow you are either crazy or super ambitious”. The truth is I’m probably both!

As I’m settling into the second trimester with baby number three, my energy levels seem to not be so low, although I am still getting terrible migraines. However I have lots going on over the next few months, up until the new year, and then the first half of 2019 is going to be super exciting, crazy and probably very stressful. I’m going to have a baby and get married all within three months of each other. Told you I am crazy.

So checking in I have a few exciting things coming up, the first is that in two weeks the Mr and I will be heading up to London to see Tash Sultana Live at the O2 Academy. You guys I’m so excited about this, I bought the tickets as a Christmas gift for Sean last year and we’ve been counting down the days ever since. We have a nice hotel booked and the day following the concert we are going to have a wander around London before heading home. I’m not sure what baby will think of the loud music but maybe they will have great taste in music after being exposed to Tash Sultana’s stuff. Seriously if you haven’t heard of Tash please go check her out!

October again is going to be a great month, we will hopefully find out right at the beginning of the month if our little nugget is a boy or a girl. We were going to leave it as a surprise but depending on what sex they are will determine whether we need to buy an extra suit or an extra dress for the wedding. Also, the control freak planner in me needs to know to nest effectively!

Also in October, I have the Carmarthen Breakthro October Mind Body and Spirit event. I have been attending these events for over a year now and I absolutely love their cause and love to help support them. I actually missed the last event because I had to work my day job, so it will be super nice to see everyone again. I love the bunch of people who attend these events. We have natural therapists, spiritual readers, natural products and a whole host of handmade goodies for sale. It is always such a good day, so if you are in Carmarthenshire you should definitely check it out.

November for me will be the calm before the storm. I don’t have any major events planned, but we know how that can change. I do like to slow down a bit in November so that I can prepare for Christmas.

December is obviously a crazy month, Christmas plans and festivities will be in full swing and as my two children will spend Christmas with their Dad this year, I like to make the whole of December special. I’m considering doing Vlogmas this year once I start a YouTube channel but I’ll have to talk about that in an upcoming post because I’m still unsure if that is something I’m going to pursue.

Art-wise I have sooooo many ideas for upcoming products and pieces so stay tuned for those as they are works in progress at the moment. I’ve been lagging behind on the art front recently because mind and body have been busy elsewhere but I’ve been feeling super inspired to pick up a paintbrush again so look out for those.

Wishing you all the best of days

Love and Light

R x


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