Being Flexible – How To Cope When Things Don’t Go To Plan

Last week did not go to plan…at all! I had so many things on my to-do list and guess what, only five per cent at the most got done. That just drives me absolutely crazy!

I knew that this week was going to be busy because it’s half term for the kiddies and I have other plans like Sean’s birthday and a trip to Sheffield to see my mum. So when all my plans for last week went out the window I was a hot mess.

You see on Monday I spent most of the day in a cold church watching my kiddos in their Harvest Service which although lovely to see, took up most of my day, so Monday was a complete write-off. My brother then turned up later that evening and spent two days here clearing my shed for me so that we can get a new roof put on it. That in itself was a massive job and although I’m so very grateful that he came and did that for us, having guests stay always unsettles me. I think it’s because I’m such an introvert and when I have people in my space for too long it just throws my zen all over the place.

I always feel like I can’t just go shut myself in the studio and just get on with my work. I’m probably just a crazy lady but really it just totally unsettled me having him and his lovely girlfriend here. By Wednesday afternoon when they had left I was completely exhausted and just had to go lay down and sleep for a few hours, again very detrimental to my growing to do list. When I have weeks like this I suffer from immense guilt that I’m just not getting enough done and I’m not being productive enough. This guilt, in turn, stops me feeling motivated to do anything.

So my solution to this little circle of self-pity was to simply take some time to recoup from the stresses of the week. I simply said to myself that it’s okay to throw away the to-do list for the week and get back to the grind the following week. I did the bare minimum, only things I absolutely had to do, like go to work in the evenings and cook dinner etc. All the extra stuff could wait, hence┬áno blog posts last week, very little on my social media and I barely left the house except for school runs, dog walks and the odd trip to the shop for necessities.

It worked a treat and by Saturday I felt refreshed and ready to get back to work. I spent Saturday morning tidying the studio (vowing that I will stop using it as a dumping ground for things I’m not sure what to do with), planning my blog posts for the whole of November, product planning for my Etsy shop and writing some blog posts for this week and then I went off to work for the evening.

And guess what! One day of productivity and the guilt disappeared and I felt amazing. I think it was essential for me to take the rest of the week off and throw my plans out of the window. I needed to rest and to sleep. I need to forgive myself when not everything gets done. No, I’m not going to throw my schedule out of the window because I love having my days structured but when a week falls apart (as they sometimes do), I’m going to give myself the grace to rest and recoup instead of laying on the guilt instead.


Love & Light to you all


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