Stress, Opening A Shop and A Gender Reveal

This week has been both exciting and stressful. I’ve had so many tabs open in my head and trying to work through them has been tough. I have so many things I need the time to get done and sometimes not enough time or energy to get them done. That’s okay, I’m trying not to beat myself up too much about the things I don’t get done, cough cough so much laundry.

I have my annual Autumn art event that I attend every year in just a week’s time and so I need to get completely prepped for that ideally by Friday afternoon so that I can chill Friday evening and be up bright and early on Saturday. I have lots of new products that I will be taking with me and I’m still figuring out what my booth will look like. I will be enlisting Hubby’s help in making a few display items for my products, he’s so good to me!

So what have I been doing with my time this week? Well, the root of all my stress this week has been technology. The laptop I have used in the past for editing art ready for print has gone completely into meltdown with the CPU and disk usage at 100 percent all of the time. I found the issue but it’s going to take some time to fix. Meanwhile, I am without my editing software and just using my little notebook to answer e-mails, write blog posts and scan my art. If I need to do any editing then I’m having to go to my friend’s house to use her computer. It’s been hard to get into the flow state while things have been like this.

Now for the good stuff! So two very exciting things have happened this week. I did something I have been talking about for a long time, I opened an Etsy shop! You guys this is so scary, I’m used to selling my stuff in person, you know where the people can physically see the product and although I’m no stranger to online sales this is a big step for me.

My shop is still under development and I’m working as fast as I can to get my products in there but with the tech problems, it hasn’t been easy, as my notebook has zero storage for me to store product photos. It’s okay though I will get there slowly but surely. So I’ll leave the link to my shop below, if you want to check it out that’s great and I appreciate all of you for supporting my dreams as a creative.

—->Esther Lily Creations – Etsy<—-

The other most exciting thing this week that has happened to us as a family this week is that we found out baby’s gender. We’re having a boy! We are all over the moon, the kids wanted a brother and they weren’t disappointed!

I always get really anxious going to the hospital, after suffering from pregnancy loss and a less than relaxing birth with my son, I just become a bag of nerves each and every time I go to the hospital. It’s the main reason I’m opting for a home birth this time around. So upon arriving at my ultrasound appointment I did make it pretty clear to the reception that I hoped they were running on time and that I didn’t want to be there too long. They were great and we were seen within five minutes of being there. The anomaly scan is always a little longer than the 12-week scan, but the technician asked us straight away if we would like to know the gender to which we said we did. She could see straight away that he was a boy, and honestly, I’m delighted.

Before the scan, I was pretty convinced that I wanted to have another girl, but I think that was a preference based on fear. My son was a 10lb baby, completely unexpected after my daughter only being 7lb 5 oz and I suffered trauma after giving birth to him after contracting sepsis six days post-natal and had to spend a week in the hospital (big shout out to my mum for saving my life).

I am truly delighted to be having another boy because although they are like mini tornados in your house they are also completely wonderful too. I’m also glad we decided to find out the gender at all, we were going to keep it a surprise, but it’s lucky we didn’t as I have no boy things here anymore and still have a load of girl things. Poor kid could have dressed in pink up until his 2nd birthday.

So moving forward now, this upcoming week I shall be busy finishing off the prep for my art show, swooning over all things little boy and trying not to stress too much over the state of my technology that has almost brought all my dreams crashing to the ground. Send coffee and calm my way.

Thanks for checking in.

Love & Light to you all


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