101 Goals in 1001 Days

Happy new year. I am so pumped going into 2020. the last year has been one of the best yet, it saw me get married to the love of my life and bring my little Ezra into the world. There have been so many highs this last year and I’m so excited to see where 2020 takes us. I have some amazing things planned and foregoing the usual new year’s resolutions I have decided to adopt the 101 goals in 1001 days which roughly equates to 2.75 years. This give me plenty of time to work on my goals.

I thought in true new year’s fashion I would share with you my list of 101 goals. Some of them are big, some of them are small and a few of them are private. So without further ado here is my list of 101 goals.

  1. Blog consistently for a whole year
  2. Take a blog course
  3. Take a photography course
  4. Read 50 new books (check out my reading list here)
  5. Complete the artists way
  6. Create a capsule wardrobe for each of us
  7. Complete Marie kondo method of tidying up
  8. Learn to knit
  9. Learn to use my sewing machine 
  10. Go to a wreath making class
  11. Pass my driving test 
  12. Buy a car
  13. Stay at wild mountains
  14. Have anniversary wedding shoot taken 
  15. Complete kitchen renovations
  16. Grow 75% percent of our veg for the year
  17. Be debt free
  18. Find a career that I am passionate about 
  19. Get passports for the boys
  20. Have hair done every 8 weeks
  21. Run a 5k 
  22. Go keto for 1 year
  23. Get a new tattoo
  24. Go to a festival
  25. Go to a Christmas market
  26. Have a real Xmas tree
  27. Try one new recipe a month 
  28. Go strawberry picking 
  29. DIY the IKEA kitchen
  30. DIY the dolls house
  31. Learn to use premier Pro 
  32. Weekly vlog every week for a year 
  33. Go to the library once a week with Ezra 
  34. Quit smoking
  35. Quit drinking 
  36. Learn 5 delicious mocktails
  37. Attend a blogging conference
  38. Do a food photography course 
  39. Create an ideal office space 
  40. Plan meals a month in advance 
  41. Buy new crockery set
  42. Own a cast iron skillet 
  43. Have family photos taken 
  44. Withheld for privacy
  45. Give back every 3 months 
  46. Do a cleanse 
  47. Double my Instagram following 
  48. Improve my handwriting
  49. Drink only water for a month
  50. Design and order new business cards
  51. Design a product line for The Hub
  52. Have a morning and evening self care routine 
  53. Buy a new Lens for my camera 
  54. Spend more time with friends
  55. Create a database of stock images for my blog
  56. Go on a family holiday abroad 
  57. Decorate the boys room
  58. Nurse Ezra for 12 months
  59. Have photo books made every month
  60. Sleep under the stars with Hubby
  61. Complete inktober
  62. Complete vlogmas
  63. Get more chickens 
  64. Get pigs
  65. Have a consistent yoga practice
  66. Have a consistent meditation practice 
  67. Have 2 passive income streams
  68. Save for deposit on property
  69. Unplug one day a week
  70. Go on a big family camping trip
  71. Completely redesign my blog
  72. Go on 5 weekends away to places in the UK (Bristol, bath, london, Margate, Sheffield) 
  73. Take jasmine to Harry potter studios
  74. Take the children to Legoland
  75. See Tash sultana with Hubby again
  76. Paint at least once every two weeks
  77. Build up my homeopathic knowledge and stores
  78. Make 5 pieces of jewelry
  79. Make a sculpture
  80. 30 mins of exercise 5 times a week
  81. Have a gyst day once a month
  82. Start Christmas prep in September
  83. Try pyrography
  84. Write an ebook
  85. Take a family trip to Hastings
  86. Go to Hubby’s Folks for Xmas
  87. Teach Aiden to ride his bike without stabilisers
  88. Write and publish a cookbook
  89. Build up a collection of blog photography props
  90. Take a fitness class 
  91. Write a welcome series for blog subscribers
  92. Replace glass doors to dining room
  93. Redecorate living room
  94. Withheld for privacy
  95. Take the kids swimming at least once a month
  96. Start savings account for Ezra 
  97. Hold big summer BBQ
  98. Get a new piercing
  99. Be able to do a pull up
  100. Save £10 for each completed goal
  101. Write another 101 goals at the end of the time 

Start date: January 1st 2020

End date : September 28th 2022

So that’s it I will try and share as much of my journey as possible. Wishing you the most blessed of new year’s.

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