6 Tips For a Positive Period

I want to talk to you today about your period. How do you feel when you think about your cycle? Is it a taboo subject to you or a sacred time of the month? Maybe you are indifferent and have never really given it too much thought other than an annoyance that mother nature brings you once a month.

Ever since the return of my flow following the birth of Ezra I have really made an effort to treat my flow as a special and sacred time. Treating myself with care. While being a working mum of three, finding time to incorporate a self care routine can sometimes be challenging, however I do make a real effort to take time out for self care during my period. Taking the time to look after myself during this time has made my period a more positive experience.

Today I want to share with you my self care practices so that you too can have a positive period.

1. Warm bath

My favourite self care practice is to take the time to have a luxurious bath. I’m talking candles, bubble bath, spa music, fluffy towels. The whole works. During my bath I like to take the time to read uninterrupted, but you could journal or simply close your eyes and relax.

2. Non toxic period products

I think it’s so important to use high quality period products. I personally use a menstrual cup by a company called Hey Girls which I absolutely adore. It’s comfy and the company buys a menstrual cup for a woman in need with each purchase of one you make.

But if a menstrual cup isn’t for you perhaps consider organic cotton sanitary towels or even reusable sanitary towels. What a lot of women do not realise is that many sanitary products contain a cocktail of chemicals which can unbalance our hormones and the delicate pH balance of our lady bits.

3. Yoga

I know the last thing we often feel like doing is exercise during our period but trust me when I say that gentle yoga during your flow will ease cramps and relax your body.

Day two of my flow is always super painful and this is when I need yoga the most. It takes my mind off the cramps and also gets me moving in a restorative way. My favourite yoga videos are by Yoga with Adriene and this video in particular is really good.

5. Essential Oils

I love using essential oils everyday but I find them particularly useful during my flow. I rub organic marjoram on my stomach and lower back for relief from cramps. But I also diffuse certain oils such as peppermint, Cyprus and lavender for easing cramps and relaxation.


6. Hydrate

I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Drink plenty of water. Cramps will be less intense and you won’t feel so lethargic. Even if you just up your water intake by one or two glasses you will feel a difference.

I also like to indulge in plenty of herbal teas. There are so many different ones out there. try some out and find your favourite.

There you have it six tips to have a more positive period. Take the time to really care for yourself during this time. These tips are easy to incorporate into your daily life even if your are really busy like most of us are. What do you like to do to care for yourself during your flow?

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