Monthly Meal Plan – January

Starting of the year right and killing two birds with one stone. On the first Monday of the month I’ll be sharing my monthly meal plan. I am sharing this for a few reasons. Part of my 101 goals in 1001 days includes planning out my meals a month in advance and sticking to a low carb/ keto way of eating, so by sharing my monthly meal plan with you I keep myself accountable and may inspire you with some of my meal ideas.

I’m quite flexible with the changing up the the days if we don’t feel like a certain meal on a certain day. Also my husband and children don’t eat a low carb diet and have a carb dish with their meals. I have linked the recipes to some of the meals and one not linked I plan to cook and share the recipes with you as I go along so please check back here if something sounds good to you.

I will share my meal plans with you on the first Monday of the month so there will be a few days without a set meal but this will allow me to use up our left overs or allow wiggle room should we decide to eat out.

Week One

Monday 6th – Cheesy meatballs and zoodles
Tuesday 7th – Sesame chicken and cauliflower rice
Wednesday 8th – Keto chilli con carne
Thursday 9th – Salad night
Friday 10th – Herby cheese stuffed chicken
Saturday 11th – Juicy baked cod
Sunday 12th – Sunday Roast Dinner

Week Two

Monday 13th -. Sheet pan chicken and veg
Tuesday 14th – Keto chicken parmesan
Wednesday 15th – Steak bites and zoodles
Thursday 16th – Keto loaded cailiflower
Friday 17th – Garlic smothered pork
Saturday 18th – Keto bunless burgers
Sunday 19th – Sunday Roast Dinner

Week Three

Monday 20th – Keto pizza and salad
Tuesday 21st – Keto butter chicken and cauli rice
Wednesday 22nd – Keto buffalo chicken tenders  and salad
Thursday 23rd – Sheet pan chicken and veg
Friday 24th – Beef tips, cauli mash, green beans and gravy
Saturday 25th – Cheesy meatballs and zoodles
Sunday 26th – Sunday roast dinner

Week Four

Monday 27th – Keto beef and broccoli
Tuesday 28th – Keto chicken soup
Wednesday 29th – Sheet pan salmon and veggies
Thursday 30th – Garlic Lemon Butter Chicken and asparagus
Friday 31st – Keto lamb kofta and salad

So that’s the monthly meal plan for January. I hope this gives you some inspiration to meal plan yourself and some ideas for your own meal plans.

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