One Simple Rule For Keeping Your House Tidy

One Simple Rule For Keeping Your House Tidy -

Let’s be frank here, keeping the house tidy is a challenge. I live in a house made up of two adults, three children under ten, a cat and a dog. Hubby and I both work (him days and me nights), the children have activities they go to and the baby is now mobile and can create a sh**tstorm of mess in the time it takes me to make a coffee. I am also a naturally messy person, I like to think it’s because I’m creative, who knows? However, I have come up with one simple rule to keep your house tidy and it is working wonders for me.

I have tried cleaning schedules and blocking out certain times of the day to get the housework done but they just don’t fit in with my hectic life. Schedules go out of the window if Ezra needs to nurse or if children are extra hungry or need help with something else. So I ripped up my cleaning schedule and have a new system in place.

I call it…

The Five Thing Rule

Every time you go to leave a room, see if there are five things that you can tidy away or clean before you go.

See I told you it was simple. Anyone in your house can do it and honestly, there are always five things that you can do to make the room look better.

  • Tidy the sofa cushions
  • Return cups to the kitchen
  • Put a toy back in the toy box
  • Tidy away shoes or coats
  • Take washing to the washing basket

I just look around the room and put things away, in the bin or back to the room they belong to. It’s quick and effective and never takes more than a few minutes.

What about all the other bigger tasks that need doing?

I hear ya

There are tasks that get done every day whenever we have a spare minute such as;

  • loading/unloading the dishwasher
  • cycling the laundry
  • vacuuming
  • cleaning the bathroom

You get the idea, we do these things as and when needed. Sometimes after school, we all spend an hour working as a team to get through jobs that need doing so that one of us can keep an eye on Ezra. It’s a system that is working really well for us.

Then for anything that needs doing that we haven’t got around to once every seven to ten days I have a GYST (get your sh*t together) day. I catch up on everything else that needs to be done such as washing bedding, mopping floors, organising paperwork. I will talk more about my GYST day in a future post.

My challenge to you is to just try the five thing rule for a week and see if it makes a difference to the overall appearance of your house.

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