About Me

Hi there, I’m Romany and I’m the face behind EstherLily.

I’m a wife to a wonderful man and full time mama to three beautiful children, one cat and a rescue dog. I love painting and creating and I set up EstherLily to have a place to share about creativity, motherhood, food and everything else in between.

Between cleaning cheerios from between the sofa cushions and wiping dirty finger prints from the glass doors, you will usually find me hiding in my art studio (I use that term very loosely) working on something that fills my soul.

In 2016 I made the decision that I was going to slow down and really listen to my own needs and my family’s needs. We have been slowly working towards a more natural and sustainable lifestyle by growing our own food, reducing the plastic in our house and using more natural products for cleaning.

My dream is to one day have a business that supports my family doing the one thing I love to do… creating. I really wanted to document my journey too as it helps me really keep focus. So I really hope you stick around as I’m sure it will be a rollercoaster.

And if you do want to get in touch feel free to drop me an email anytime at : estherlilyarts@gmail.com